how the garden grows….

I haven’t had much time to potter in the garden lately as I have been in the studio so much but I am delighted to see things are growing and blooming and my efforts are bringing rewards. We have fresh salad greens everyday, the pea pods are getting fatter and now we just need a sunny weekend to give everything a bit of a boost as it has been much more cloudy and gloomy these past couple of weeks.

I do wish I had more flowers though. I put our pennies and my time into getting the vegetables going and so whilst there is lots of green there is not much in the way of other colours. The aquilegia is starting to flower though and hopefully the honeysuckle will flower soon too.  Goodness knows if the sweet peas, poppies and cornflowers will come to anything as all of the seedlings have been thoroughly trampled by our raga-muffin bunnies who seem to prefer careering along the side of the fence where the flower beds are to lollpping on the grass. We shall see! Righto back off to the studio for me!!

PS thank you so much for all your recent comments – I have been most neglectful of blog reading and commenting and such like these last few weeks due to work but am hoping to take some time over the weekend to catch up. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xxx


3 thoughts on “how the garden grows….

  1. Your vegies are coming along beautifully, Gillian. If we could combine our plants we would have a complete garden:-) I have no vegies yet this year but quite a few flowers and I could throw in a few banana plants too:-) xoxo

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