Mosaic Monday 23rd May 2011

Mosaic Monday 23rd May 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling.

1. interview with Mr X Stitch, 2. house on fire wearing slippers, 3. Untitled, 4. upon – a vintage fabric softie by Denise Litchfield grrl+dog , 5. 5 bottles, 6. Handmade embroidered cuff, 7. the fifth house, 8. sculpt- literature for dogs, 9. Storm1, 10. Untitled, 11. Doll Gang #2, 12. North End

Good morning! Well it was a gloomy, blustery weekend here in the heart of England so I spent my time working away on my character sculptures, updating my website with upcoming events (still so many more to add)  and catching up on some TV as well as cooking and a wee bit of baking. Lovely.

Another weekly mosaic made up of some of the images inspiring me on flickr this week. I love this ritual of looking through images to see what catches my eye and causes me to pause for a few seconds longer to appreciate the work and originality that has gone into a piece of art, craft or photography. I tend to look at flickr a couple of times a week, leafing through my current contacts pages and commenting and adding that gold star that means ‘favourite’. I also like to find ‘new-to-me’ artists and work though and so lately have developed the ritual of looking through the previous weeks favourites and finding the images that inspire them. I love that flickr gives you the opportunity to do this!

It is always interesting looking through these collections of images, some painters have mainly paintings as their favourites, those who work in fun, bright colours have curated collections of lively and brilliant pages of favourite images. With my equal love of painting, mixed media, sculpture, textiles, ceramics etc etc my pages of favourites only have the common aesthetic of muted colours and lots and lots of texture, but then I also love line, interesting concepts and quirky faces. So much to see!

Okay, exercise time now and then a day of varnishing and painting!

Wishing you a wonderful week.



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