getting there …..

getting there ….., originally uploaded by gilfling.

I just thought I would show you this wee corner of my studio with some of the finished work for the upcoming Holmfirth Art Market. With more work having been returned from an exhibition this morning I have quite the gathering of characters and dwellings and of course there are more in various stages of progress. It is lovely to see it all coming together!

I am hoping to make good progress this week on finishing pieces so that next week I can focus more on getting prints and greetings cards printed and packaged and of course work on my display. Still so much to do!

I also hope to publish the first part of my ‘Preparing for craft fairs’ article tomorrow – just need to read over it and add some images and set up another page on wordpress. I think it may be around 4 or 5 chapters in total so I shall be adding those over the coming weeks. It is good to get it all down in one place, whilst evaluating all the steps that it takes to prepare for an event and of course reminding myself of all of these things whilst I am in preparation mode too!

Have a great day!



7 thoughts on “getting there …..

  1. Wow! It’s really wonderful to see so many of your pieces together. They all seem so animated. I get the feeling we’re interrupting a village meeting and being studied when I look at this picture — the sculptures look back! Beautiful work!

  2. They are gorgeous; each one seems to be peering out into the world, as if wondering where they will go next. Isn’t if funny where you turn up as home.

    Thank you for visiting my blog; I have been in Nottingham for nearly 20 years and it still haven’t fully settled. But I am learning to…slowly.

  3. Gillian I love your craft, I am having my first sale on June 25 and you know what I am getting when I get home from selling, your art print for inspiration at home. I love what you do !!

  4. ah wow Gillian! they look so lovely all together!!
    a real community of them! I can imagine them in their own little world!

  5. Gillian, your wares look AMAZING!!! And now that I am the very proud owner of one of your beautyful broches I can really imagine how beautiful your dolls would be in real life! xoxo

  6. Hi Gillian! I looked at your page on Cloth & Clay and did find your blog.
    Your dolls are amazing, so cute! Do you put Gesso on the fabric brfore painting the doll? Thank yoy for your answere. Have fun, Thilda in Belgium

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