WIP wednesday

WIP wednesday, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Another little lad is taking shape and coming to life. Just a couple of coats of varnish and stringing together and he will soon be sitting on the shelf along with my other characters.

I have finally managed to edit the first part in my ‘How to prepare for craft fairs’ series and added photo’s. I have been playing around with my blog layout and added a new header but haven’t quite worked out the best place for this series to be easily found, so for now you can see it here – and also in the menu at the top of the page.

It has turned into quite the novel and it is only the first chapter! But I would be grateful for any feedback and I am of course open to making any changes should you think it needs it. I am also looking for images to use as examples of works in progress, preparations for craft fairs and actual craft fair stands so if you have any images that you would like me to consider for inclusion then please let me know – full credit will be given.

I hope you find it useful xxx

4 thoughts on “WIP wednesday

  1. Sorry that sounds ever so rude and short, I meant that you have a great style and the information will be invaluable to others. I should be writing school reports but am getting sidetracked instead.

  2. haha charlotte – thank you so much – and no it didn’t sound rude and short atall – I am grateful for any feedback and to anyone who takes the time to read even a wee bit of the lengthy novel – I am no good at being concise!

  3. I’m just starting out in what I hope could be a full time career in Art and I feel sure I will be referring back to you blog quite a bit!! I was lucky enough to see some of your work in person, at the Flair exhibition at the Ferrers gallery. I love your work and find it really inspirational. Keep doing what you do!!

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