Waiting…., originally uploaded by gilfling.

… for some finishing touches….

I have been working the weekend away, making slow progress, or so it seems….

But things are really coming together now and I have a wee community of fellows just needing hands and a final putting together before they can join their friends.

Tomorrow I will be starting to make plans for my display for the art market and am off to buy boards which will need to be painted and also think about all the finishing touches for putting it all together on the day. So much to do still but as ever I will get there! I also want to get to writing the second chapter for my ‘Planning for craft fairs’ article so shall be sure to let you know when I am ready to add this to the blog!


3 thoughts on “Waiting….

  1. Gillian, your characters are coming along wonderfully! I had to look up the definition of wistful… I think Charlotte is right they do look a little wistful (what a wonderful word!:-)
    I wish I could be there when all yourcreations will be on display at the craft fair. xoxo

  2. they are adorable – each and every one!
    they cry out (silently, wistfully 🙂 ) to be loved…
    they need a home – and i’m sure they’ll all find one 🙂

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