Holmfirth Art Market

Hello there! I will be posting my usual flickr monday mosaic later on today but I wanted to start the week with a wee post about the Holmfirth Art Market which I was exhibiting at yesterday. We had the intention of travelling up to Yorkshire early on Saturday morning but I made the last minute decision to paint some display boards with wild-flowers to tie in with the garden theme of the event as I had not managed to acquire any floral displays for my table – this took alot longer than I thought but you can see them in the photo above – I had one at each end of my stand and I was really pleased with how they looked in the end.

We travelled up later that day – around 2 and a half hours drive up to Hebdon Bridge for me to visit and discuss an upcoming opportunity which I am afraid I have to keep under my hat for now but it is very exciting and I promise to reveal all as soon as I can!! From our short time in Hebdon Bridge we could see how beautiful it is – so lovely to see so many independant shops, boutiques and galleries thriving in this wonderfully creative community – we hope to plan a camping trip up that way soon so that we can wander around at our leisure.

Saturday night we checked into our hotel, bath and pyjama’s for me and a very relaxing evening which was great after the busyness of the last few weeks preparing for the art market – I worked so hard on the preparations for this and it was a real luxury not to be running around like a mad thing the night before an event although I did manage to have a sleepless night due to a combination of nerves, excitement and a very uncomfortable matress! We were up and in the car incredibly early on Sunday morning as set up was from 7.30am but I am so glad that we took the extra time as I wanted my display to be the best it could be and to be able to take my time setting up everything up. All my hard work paid off! The table was huge and I did worry a little that my work would look a little ‘lost’ but instead it benefitted from the extra space to display everything so that you could see each individual piece instead of it being cluttered.

This really was one of the best events I have done – a brilliant spacious venue, solid market stalls as the stands, the event organisers had just put in so much work to ensure everything ran smoothly. I sold only one clay figure but lots of prints, cards and postcards and also a painting commission as well as a deposit for a painting that I did not even have there! So I was incredibly pleased with my takings. You never know how sales will go as the last show I did I sold 5 out of the 8 clay figures I took but no prints!

The quality of the 50 exhibitors was really high and I could have taken a piece from each artist home with me if I had the pennies! I met so many lovely people and really enjoyed the day and the most unbelievable news is that I was presented with ‘The Art Market Most Outstanding Artist Award’!! When they told me, I had a silly moment of not understanding what they were giving me, then being gobsmacked, then promptly bursting into tears……..oh dear…. I was completely overwhelmed. The award was judged by Clare Lilly, Head Curator at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and as well as a certificate I get a a complementary stand at the November Art Market and also marketing support and mentoring from the PR company involved with the event (the name of which I cannot find at the moment but I met Fiona who runs it yesterday and she was lovely!)

But even with all of that, equally lovely was the encouragement and support from the organisers in their appreciation of my work. Since having breast cancer last year and having to take it slow for a while, during my recovery I really made the commitment to working more seriously on my artwork and have been so grateful for the opportunites that have presented themselves in the last few months …………. I hope it continues!! It certainly feels as if my work is starting to pay off and I so happy with all that is happening!

Anyway – today I am relaxing a bit (still in my pyjama’s at 11.30am!) and I will be sorting the photos of my new characters and making some draft blog posts to show you them along with their stories – so please forgive me for the many extra blog posts that will be appearing this week, but if you are interested, then I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved making each character. I have many of them left which is good news as I have many events coming up but tomorrow I shall make a wee announcement should you be interested in a character for yourself so check in for that!

Apologies for the rambling blog post but I shall finish with a link to the blog post showing me accepting my award (last photo) – a combination of tiredness, hormonal hot flushes and the fact that 2 minutes before I was crying like a baby means I look a bit of a soggy mess, but I was over the moon (and still am) with award.

Thank you for reading!


7 thoughts on “Holmfirth Art Market

  1. Oh Gillian, I am so, so chuffed and excited for you! Your table looks amazing! I love the display with the old books. At first I thought your wild flower paintings were posters that you had bought, they look so beautiful. You are an incredible artist and you so deserve that award. The photo of you is gorgeous, well done you!:-) And I for one look forward to reading all your extra blog posts this week!!

  2. this looks like a wonderful event, Gillian, and many congrats! well deserved…. such a shame for me that I live so far away. I don’t get the opportunity to show my work in ‘real life’, which is something I look forward to doing in the future perhaps. Have a great week! x

  3. Your table looks professional, your work looks fabulous, no wonder you did so well.

    Congratulations on the award; it really is fantastic when artistic peers give praise. You deserve it. The mentoring and pr support sounds a brilliant piece of practical reward. I hope it leads to exciting opportunities.

  4. wow, gillian well done on the award!! And great to hear that it was such a success. I’m definitely going to try and visit next SUnday and hope to apply for November too. BTW your stand looks amazing x

  5. I was totally mesmerised by your work, I absolutely adored each and every piece. I had such a fantastic time at The Art Market, such a well put together event. I heard via Twitter about your fantastic achievement. Well done you twinkle. Hope to see/hear more about your work. Loves Ionwen X

  6. Gillian I love your work so much, and seeing your collection is so inspiring. I love how you framed the prints! The award fits, congratulations.

  7. I am so sorry we missed it 😦 Your work looks absolutely amazing on the stand and we are sooooo excited about you know what !!! Can’t wait to discuss everything – Take care and congratulations again on your much deserved award. Warren and Marcus X

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