Ilya … and an announcement

Ilya, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Ilya is a shy poet. He likes to walk for miles and miles, drifting and dreaming. Inspired by his surroundings, he carries a well-worn journal and sketches and writes of the fairies that can be glimpsed through the mist as they fly over and under the twisted branches of the hawthorn trees. To anyone else, they appear as moths, fluttering silently in a ghostly dance but Ilya hears their sing-song chants and marvels at their intricate costumes as he watches from across the copse.

Hello again! Ilya is actually the clay character who found a new home at the weekend and is now with a delightful couple who were charmed by his soulful expression. I have a lot of other characters to show you this week so will be doing that each day.

Okay, please bear with me as I now become little-miss-public-service-announcer…..but I just wanted to let you know that I will be having a special one-day-only sale in my etsy shop this Thursday coming on all the clay characters and textile dolls that I currently have in my studio. I am gradually listing them this week but they will not appear ‘live’ in my shop until 9am (GMT) on Thurs 9th and then the majority of them will be removed at 9am (GMT) on Friday 10th June. I have work to send off to 3 galleries the end of this week and the beginning of next but as I so rarely have the larger characters available in my shop I wanted to give my online friends the opportunity to purchase a character should you so wish. Two other things I have to tell you about this sale is that the characters will be listed 20% cheaper than their usual prices and also, I am offering the opportunity to pay the balance over 2 months – so half upon purchasing and the other half by 10th July!!

I hope that all makes sense – I have many events and craft fairs, galleries to send work to and an upcoming exhibition in the next 2 months so I just know that I am going to find it difficult to be listing many characters online in that time but I want folks to be able to get hold of one if they really want!!

So just to recap

1. characters will go live in my etsy shop on thurs 9th June – 9am (GMT) for 24 hours only (I will post here as soon as I list them) – please check what time that will be in your particular corner of the world (you can do that here on this website)
2. prices will be at 20% less than usual
3. payment can be made over 2 months – 50% on ordering, 50% by 10th July – I will send an adjusted invoice once you have ordered
4. item will be mailed once final payment has cleared

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can convo me on etsy, leave a note in the comments here, or email me at

Okay, whew I think that is all. All characters will be appearing on my blog over the coming days and I shall be posting a couple of reminders of the sale here on my blog and on my facebook page – normal blogging and wittering will resume next week! xxx


One thought on “Ilya … and an announcement

  1. 1st – The Nerve! I couldn’t find England, Great Britain or the British Isles on the World Clock, so I had to look for Ireland.

    2nd – 9 am in your land is 1 am in mine. And all the best little creatures will have found new homes. :* ( Perhaps a little tiny girl with an Elizabethan collar will hide in the cellar for a few hours. I can only dream.

    Lovely of you to offer them to us before they go on their travels.

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