Mosaic Monday 6th June 2011 (late again…)

1. new handbag, 2. The Departure, 3. bgmills_plaster_book, 4. IMG_1505, 5. moon child, 6. naufragio, 7. who knew_gilhooly, 8. Heartbeat necklace, 9. ‘lazarus’ series detail, 10. new button, new colour & sold, 11. sinclair , 12. lisette

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

Oh dear… goodness knows where the day went yesterday! I was so exhausted that I think I just sat in a daze for the best part of it. Half of my wares and display are still in the living room and dining room which Jeeves and Wooster bunnies are most annoyed about as it is invading their living space. The rest is still in the car waiting to be unpacked – and it all needs to be taken the two flights of stairs back up to the top floor studio! So that is my biggest task for today. Then the work on my ever-increasing to-do-list begins, but I am happy to say there are a few exciting things on that list as well as the more mundane so I am looking forward to making a start.

I will be posting some of the clay characters and stories over the coming days, starting this afternoon and I have a wee announcement regarding those which I will reveal this afternoon too so check back then!

Above is another mosaic from my inspiring flickr friends – again I am blown away by the incredible work people are generous enough to share – please click on individual links to see more.

PS thank you so much for all your support, encouragement and wonderful comments. I truly have the best job in the world and the fact that I get to ‘meet’ such wonderful friends online makes it even better!

Till later! xxx


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