Alexei and Sasa

Alexei, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Alexei lives in the heart of the forest, and spends his days paddling in rivers, singing folk songs to any being that will listen and skimming stones. He only returns to his old wooden cottage at dusk where he carves animals out of fallen branches displaying them in ever nook and cranny of his cosy dwelling.

Sasa talks to the bees and tells them her troubles in her lilting, sing-song voice. She sits amongst the village of hives on her patchwork blanket and sews and sings and sings and sews. The walls of her home are covered with sun-faded quilts that she embroiders with bees and wildlowers during the endless days of summer.

Hello again! Above are 2 more of the characters who will be in my 24 hour sale on etsy which takes place this Thursday. You can read more about it here, but as a summary these are the details….

1. characters will go live in my etsy shop on thurs 9th June – 9am (GMT) for 24 hours only (I will post here as soon as I list them) – please check what time that will be in your particular corner of the world (you can do that here on this website)
2. prices will be at 20% less than usual
3. payment can be made over 2 months – 50% on ordering, 50% by 10th July – I will send an adjusted invoice once you have ordered
4. item will be mailed once final payment has cleared

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can convo me on etsy, leave a note in the comments here, or email me at

I had forgotten that I had already blogged a few of the characters as I was creating them so if you would like a sneak peak of the ones that will be in the sale here are the links…..So far we have Alexei, Sasa, Milo, Wilfred, Janek, Oskar, Jania and Miro plus a while host of textile characters too. More to come later today!



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