Katya, Tomas and Aurek….

Katya collects books on wildflowers and spends her days painting delicate watercolours which she leaves in all sorts of places for strangers to discover and enjoy. Under bottles of milk left at the villagers front doors, tucked in hedgerows and hanging from tree’s. Nobody knows the identity of the mysterious artist but each picture is a delight and is treasured each new owner.

Tomas likes nothing better than to walk for miles and miles through river and forest, over hills and stone walls, making new discoveries every day. His home is filled with treasures found on these adventures. Ghostly moth wings and ancient fossilised branches that twist and turn into human like forms. On each journey, he leaves a trail of scattered acorns as a temporary reminder of the hours spent walking over untrodden paths.

Aurek lives in a white washed windmill with pale blue doors and windows and ivy that twists it’s way up to the top and around the now silent and still sails. The curved walls are covered in bookshelves, home to the many antiquated volumes that have been handled and read over and over again.

Here is the last post of the day and the last 3 clay characters to be appearing in my shop sale tomorrow.  You can read more about it here, but as a summary these are the details….

1. characters will go live in my etsy shop on thurs 9th June – 9am (GMT – United Kingdom time) for 24 hours only – I will post here as soon as I list them) – please check what time that will be in your particular corner of the world (you can do that here on this website)
2. prices will be at 20% less than usual
3. payment can be made over 2 months – 50% on ordering, 50% by 10th July – I will send an adjusted invoice once you have ordered
4. item will be mailed once final payment has cleared

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can convo me on etsy, leave a note in the comments here, or email me at mail@gillianleesmith.com

I had forgotten that I had already blogged a few of the characters as I was creating them so if you would like a sneak peak of the ones that will be in the sale here are the links…..So far we have Alexei, Sasa, Milo, Wilfred, Janek, Oskar, Jania and Miro plus a while host of textile characters too.

Thank you so much for your interest!



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