The Big City………


So highlights of London were …..

… walking along the embankment with the sight of the incredible architecture of the houses of parliament – a stunning view even after seeing it many times …

…. we missed the Trooping the Colour but saw some of the spectacular fly-past of the Royal Air Force overhead and in a clear blue sky…

………a bit of window shopping on Regent Street, popping into Anthropologie (nil purchases) and the amazing and huge National Geographic shop (a wee treat in the form of a years subscription to the publication which I have coveted for years!)…..

…delighted to find wildlife even in the heart of London via a walk through St James Park where we saw black swan’s, a beautiful, majestic heron and the most precocious squirrels you are ever likely to meet…..

….discovering my dream house and garden, again right in the heart of London – ‘A cottage for a birdkeeper’ – like something from a fairy tale (images of this are sure to appear in my artwork in the near future)…

…. looking around, looking up, gasping at the wonderful and historical architecture that fills Londons can only wonder at how many hands and years it took to build such delicate details that reach for the sky…..

… and so to the theatre in the evening to see Warhorse (more about this tomorrow)…

…. a more tired version of ourselves from all the walking the previous day, on Sunday we tucked into a hearty breakfast before taking the bus through London’s rainy street’s to visit one of my favourite places in London with all it’s memories of childhood days out with my dad… The Natural History Museum with wonders of the feather, scaley and furry kind, its’s tales of earth and ocean’s and planets, far too much to see in a day although we did try….

…. and so home again. Tired and happy to have spent a lovely weekend together as fleeting as it was….there is just too much to see!..

So till tomorrow


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