One of the main reason’s for our trip to London last weekend was to go and see Warhorse at the New London Theatre and really it was the highlight of our trip, for both of us. I have had the book by Michael Morpurgo for a wee while, but as the only occassions I seem to have time to read at the moment is in the doctors surgery waiting room, I still have not finished it as I keep having to pause to stop myself from crying… it is an incredibly heart-wrenching story. However I had seen the documentary on the Making of Warhorse and just knew it was something I would love to see…

I had fully intended on really trying to describe this wonderful stage play and my response to it but in truth I don’t think it is possible to put into words how incredible it was. Set in the First World War and focussing on the story of a farm-lad and his horse, it really is an  unforgettable story.

The horses are life size puppets, each requiring 2 or three people to work the mechanics of the animal. The most incredible thing is that after a short time, even although you know the actors are there, you forget that they are working the puppets and instead begin to believe that it is a living, breathing horse with a distinct character. I think I must have looked like a child with that expression of wonder and awe on my face throughout the performance, so breathtaking and heartwrenching.

I don’t know if the show is touring atall but if you are not able to see it you can get a wee taste of the show here on the website – I know there is an up-and-coming film directed by Stephen Speilberg, but really it is the puppets that are the stars of the stage show. Although for some reason calling them ‘puppets’ really doesn’t come close to describing the wonder of them. The music too has stayed with me I have been constantly humming singing the bits that I remember of the folk tunes from the play.  I have ordered the soundtrack with some birthday money so I know that it is going to be played frequently on my studio days – as I get older, my love of folk music grows and it suits the mood and atmosphere of my studio when I am working.

 It is an occassion that I will always remember and there is a very special reason that I was able to go which I would like to tell you about, but for now I have an appointment and then my studio is calling, so I shall leave that for tomorrow….

Thank you for reading and sharing this with me..I truly hope it is something you have the opportunity to see!


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