This one or that one……

Wednesday…. Wednesday already, how the days and weeks race by! Today I have multiple tasks to complete before settling down to some luxurious  studio time. One of the things I had to do today though was take some ‘studio shots’ for an upcoming venture. A photo of me at work….. a lesson in torture for me as I am so camera shy that it is painful. However it had to be done, so I tidied my worktable (only a teeny bit as the idea is that I am amongst my work), put some make-up on – more than usual and certainly more than usual for a studio day, but hey ho, if a bit of red lipstick was going to help reduce the usual pastiness then it had to be done!

The idea is to see the real person behind the work but I can’t decide between colour or black and white! Black and white is possibly more forgiving but I would love your feedback – which is your preference?

8 thoughts on “This one or that one……

  1. I really am torn!!! I think I’m gona have to say the B&W purely for the mystery it provokes when I look at it?!? Which ever you go for twinks, will be just perfect. Hope you are well, Loves Ionwen X

  2. i like them both for different reasons, but since this is a photo you’re using to feature both your work and you in the studio i would probably opt for the color one which showcases both you and your work beautifully together… with great depth and detail… … whichever one you decide on they are both really lovely photos 🙂

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