New easel (thanks to some birthday money) …tis now in my studio!

 New brushes, and a couple of tubes of paint too…

New painting – just finished today and as yet untitled. I seem to have alot going on at the moment with 2 upcoming exhibitions, an upcoming craft fair, 2 painting commissions and work to complete for a gallery and a new shop and sometimes it is hard to know what to tackle first. All of this is happening in the next month and I am just trying to relax and work on what feels good on any given day.

Thank-you so much for your opinions on the studio photo’s! I have decided on the colour one, although it was close. As it is for an online venture though, I felt it had more impact. I was hoping to reveal what it is all for today but as I still have some tweeking to do it will later on Monday once everything is in place.

Hoping you are having a good week


3 thoughts on “New…new…new

  1. Wonderful! It sounds as if it’s all happening for you that is great Gillian! The painting is stunningly beautiful and you are so very gifted my dear!:-) Have a great weekend! xoxo

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