All framed up…..

Just a quickie post as I am sculpting, sculpting away and trying to stay clear of the distraction of the internet as much as possible in order to meet my deadlines!

It is always a thrill to see my original work framed up (and indeed my prints) and I just picked these up from the framers a couple of days ago. I have had a number of pieces framed up in these incredibly beautiful ivory baroque style frames and I like the fact that they are becoming another thing to trade-mark my work and make it unique and ‘my own’.

 A Moment in Time and Dreaming of the Dwelling Place are now both currently residing in my new shop on Seek and Adore as I am gradually moving the majority of my original work from Etsy to there whilst keeping Etsy for my prints.

I am now delighted to be able to offer my paintings framed as I have at long last found a solution to the packaging and shipping problem (for the UK) and to make it easier this is incorporated into the price of the painting. Progress indeed!

Righto back to work for me!!


3 thoughts on “All framed up…..

  1. just loving your artwork! so beautiful and inspiring! saw one of the pieces you posted on stretching within and just had to stop by your shop and blog and see more! love seeing all of these new pieces!

    best wishes to you!

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