I am not here….

….nope – you don’t see me. Really I am just popping in for a second….oh ok then I shall stay just a little while…

Well I am at that stage where I have so much to do that I have butterflies permanently residing in my tummy and my hands and thoughts are all a flutter! But I have missed this place and just wanted to pop in ever so briefly and say that I am still alive, still beavering away in the studio, still trying to meet deadlines and get through everything that I must do. I have had a self-imposed internet break the last almost-couple-a-weeks only popping in to try and stem the never-ending flow of emails.

I have also allowed myself only one luxury – ten (fifteen?) minutes a day pinning and pinning – Yep I have a new obsession with Pinterest – do you know it? have you tried it? do you love it as much as me? I might be addicted – you can find my boards here so please friend me there! (I am Gillian Cox – at least I can tell Mark I have changed to my married name somewhere in the world….) I wasn’t going to add a board for my own work but have actually decided ‘why not?’ so I will!

In other news….

~I have been re-doing some of my photographs of my work for a couple of very exciting things coming-up-which-I-cannot-reveal-just-yet. Gosh when I look back at the first photographs of my work a few years ago I have come far – but there is always room for improvement! I have never liked my work on white backgrounds as I always wanted to add atmosphere and character – my ‘stamp’ if you will…but these opportunities required a white background and I have to admit I am rather pleased with how they have turned out.~

~I had an awful fall down the stairs on Saturday and am black and blue! Let’s just say sitting down is an interesting and painful experience as I have a very bruised tail-bone which isn’t much fun when all my work this week involves sitting at my desk painting and varnishing. That’ll teach me to be more careful in future (I am sure I have been saying that to my clumsy-self for years..)~

~I was delighted to discover this morning that one of my favourite artists and online friend Cathy Cullis is the featured seller on Etsy this week. I adore Cathy’s work, her process and reading about her inspiration. I have been collecting here artist’s zines for a wee while now and also have a couple of her lovely dolls. I would love to own an original painting someday. Anyway please have a read of her interview here.~

~Just a wee reminder that I am here this Saturday (come and say hello if you are there – sadly it is the last Craft Candy Fair) , my work will be here from the 23rd of this month and this print is here and here~

Best be off now! Hoping to get back to usual blogging, blog reading, monday-mosaic-making and whatever else it is that I do inbetween working next week. Wishing you well!



2 thoughts on “I am not here….

  1. i love these new photos and all the new stuff going on is very exciting !! need to get together soon before the summer is over!!

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