Marcel and Millicent



Hello! Just a quickie as I have to pop out for a work meeting soon but I just wanted to show you a couple of the characters that were made for the Home..Oh! shop…Marcel and Millicent. I was absolutely over the moon last night to find out that they both found a new home yesterday along with the glass dome and the wooden bobbins that they were so beautifuly displayed in (really wish I had taken a photo!)

It sounds funny but for as long as I have been making things to go out into the world I am always shocked and stunned and ever so grateful when someone loves them enough to want to take them home – I can’t ever imagine that I will get used to that feeling…


I still have to write the stories for Marcel and Millicent (too much of a rush last week to get them done..) but now that I know they have a home together I think they should have a story together too. Now I just have to make 2 more characters to fill their space in the shop…



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