Celestine, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Good morning to you!

No flickr mosaic this week unfortunately as I am currently on the train to Edinburgh to spend the week with family and friends – it has been far to long!! I will be seeing my mum, my sister and her children for the first time in almost 2 and a half years and meeting a new nephew for the first time. Also catching up with good friends, reminiscing on times past and more recent and imagine I will come home with a sore jaw after all the chatting by the end of the week.

This last few days we were away camping in derbyshire with friends and really had the best time. I always say camping trips are good for my soul and this was no exception. Shared stories, lots of laughter, a bit of rain but mostly sun, walking in the spectacular countryside everyday, yummy shared food (I love love love cooking outside), b-b-q’s and campfires, more wasps that I care to count, a night-time intruder which we think was a fox trying to break into the cool-box and just an all round wonderful time. I returned refreshed but pleasantly exhausted to immediately unpack and then pack again for this week away.

Hoping you are enjoying these late summer days whatever you are up to!

Oh and above is a newly finished character, Celestine who is now currently residing in the Home…Oh! shop in beautiful Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire 🙂

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Mosaic Monday 15th August 2011

Happy new week to you!! I seem to have taken a bit of an unscheduled blog break partly due to trying to ensure I am not too distracted by the internet and all its corridors and endless tunnels that it is all too easy to get lost down when I should be doing other things: also in part to just taking things a bit slower over these rainy, autumnal months that are the UK’s so called summer.

So at the moment I am sculpting and stitching with more characters appearing and brooches being created by my hands. Next week I will be off for a week to Scotland to see my family – a long overdue trip to catch up with loved ones and friends and I am very much looking forward to being a visitor and a tourist for a week with so much that I want to do by way of museum and gallery visiting too. As always with a sketchbook and camera in hand. It is perfect timing too as on my return I need to begin creating stock for autumn/winter shows as it is getting to that time of year already!!

Anyway I shall be updating with new work this week and the stitchery and sculpting shall continue!

Above, again, a selection of my flickr favourites – click through to see more!

Hoping you are enjoying summer days regardless of the weather!


Mosaic Monday 1st August 2011

Mosaic Monday 1st August 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling.

1. Plant Footprints detail, 2. ikizler, 3. Fabric, Paper, Acrylic Transfer, Collage, 4. inwording12, 5. roaring silence II, 6. Bacon is Good, 7. paysage, 8. It Won’t Be Long (Below the Soil Floor), 9. Outra noiva – det., 10. ” Other specimen “, 11. Self-Portrait No. 21, 12. dopo Luco di Mugello

I seem to have missed Monday – it completely passed me by! Busy busy this week and tired from the heat although the sunshine is lovely.

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