A wee bit rabbity….

whimsical creature, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Just a quickie this morning as it is time to go up to the studio and I have an exciting appointment later today (more on that later…..)

But I just wanted to show you the prototype that I made for the class I taught just over a week ago. I am going to make a few more of these whimsical creatures and also tinker with some variations on patterns and see where it takes me….

I have made my list of work I want to do for upcoming exhibitions and shows and rather than being scared… I am super excited!! Now that my studio is easer to move around and work in, there is no place I would rather be.

I have also been hatching plans to make some more ambitious pieces so I shall hopefully be able to take you with me on that journey too…..

This whimsical creature is now available in my shop at Seek and Adore – I have been gradually adding all the new original characters I have been making and am pleased with how my shop is coming together. I love etsy and feel it is great for my prints etc but to have all my original items in one clean, tailored space where they can show off their unique charms is a good feeling.

Wishing you a wonderful week

x x x

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