A clumsy return….

Lustre, Nov 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Again…. so, so very long since I have blogged. So easy as it is to get out of the habit, to worry that I am boring you, repetition of the same old, same old stories.

But I am back and we shall see what I have to share…………. I have been so incredibly busy these last few weeks (months?) and really I have been on a one track path, just working, working away and preparing for all the upcoming shows of this season. I have taken on a lot this year, my busiest ever and now I have 2 shows, a showcase and one exhibition behind me and 3 shows, a showcase and an exhibition looming ahead which is exciting if a little scary!

I am naturally nervy whilst preparing for shows and exhibitions, but this year has now been made a little more stressful by way of a fall down a flight of stairs in a coffee shop 2 days ago which resulted in a trip to accident and emergency and the diagnosis of at least 2 fractured ribs and possible sternum fracture – and more bruising and aches than I care to mention!!

Tis a long, long story which I won’t bore you with but needless to say it all leaves me in a bit of a pickle. This is the 3rd consecutive year of disasters during my show season. Two years ago saw me running from show, to shop, to hospital, to p/t job whilst Mark was quite ill in hospital for several weeks – last year of course I was being treated for breast cancer so was only able to do one show (disastrous when I am a self-employed artist depending on the income) and now this year!! With all the money I have paid out to do the shows I can’t afford another year of calamities!

Luckily I have the best friends in the world. I put out a call for help on facebook last night and I have been overwhelmed with offers of help from friends and strangers alike. I have been bed-bound the last 2 days and any movement leaves me in agony (goodness knows what my neighbours must think of the screaming every time I have to get out of bed) and with my next show only a week and 2 days away (and 2 more on the consecutive weekends after that) I was in a panic about how I would manage. But folks have offered to drive me, carry stuff, unpack, set up and man my stall and I am so, so humbled and grateful. The artistic community is a generous one and there is always that sense of ‘we look after each other’ and never has that been more clear.

So the next show is pretty much sorted and I will be trying to sculpt away in my sick-bed (the only place I can get comfortable as the slightest movement leaves me in agony) and hoping that I can get up and about in a few days to do a little sewing of mice and rabbits and melancholy girls.

The photos’s above were taken at my first show of the season which was the brilliant Lustre in Nottingham. It was my best show ever and I was overwhelmed with the response to my work, so thank you if you came to visit, purchase or even just to say hello and show an interest in the things I create. It makes it all worthwhile!

x x x

12 thoughts on “A clumsy return….

  1. You are far from boring us with these photos, gorgeousness! and as you say bloody brilliant!

    I love the dwellings, and I have scraped some well earned pennies together and hope to be able to share a picture of your beautifully framed art work soon.

    Gillian if you are ever doing an online course please email me.

    • Dena I would love to see a photo of the print framed 🙂 – I am so glad that you are managing to save for a frame. I really do want to create an online course next year sometime if I can – it is definitely a dream of mine. There are so many around though that I need to be inspired and figure out what folks might want to learn from me and how I can make it unique – not to mention the technilogical side of it!! But it is definitely a goal so I will keep you updated x

  2. Oh you poor possum!! I am sending healing vibes your way Gillian and hope you will improve soon! It is great to hear you got friends willing to help out… if it were not for the distance I would be more than happy to help you. Get well soon and take it easy! xoxo

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