Perfectly Imperfect.

Perfectly Imperfect….Just Like Me….

I have spent my first proper day in the studio today (apart from the big clean up a few days ago) and it was so good just to pootle and ‘do’ with only a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve. I am so excited to be taking another e-course with the wonderful Misty Mawn. It suits me perfectly for this time of year. I have less pressure to make work for stockists and shows and I can make time to create whatever I want. Today I made a couple of hand-bound journals in preparation for the e-course and I am really looking forward to working in them!

Along with continuing to create and make for a living, this year I also want to make more time and space for just creating for the sake of it…for me. Whether that is sketching, journalling, book-binding, knitting, sculpting it does not matter. I never, ever get tired of making things with my hands and my imagination. It never feels like a chore. I am never, ever bored.

Although I have created hand-bound books that were carefully cut and measured with the intention of using them as sketchbooks, I always open them and feel the fear of spoiling those carefully measured pages as soon as I start working in them. This journal is as rough and imperfect as can be. The straggly threads that are knotted on the outside remind me of spiders legs or bare, tortured tree’s on a snowy landscape. I can’t wait to fill those pages!


5 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect.

  1. To be imperfect in an imperfect world is perfection. I know it’s hard sometimes to write in a beautiful blank book or sketch in a perfect sketch book, but if you don’t do it, the poor book will never fulfill its purpose. If you have a bad drawing/writing day, remember a book is supposed to progress. You can go back and fix the early work and you can progress into better work as you work through the book. Having said that, I think your rough journal will be marvelous good fun.

  2. I use to make my own books – and they included lots of every day things…all ring bound and stencilled. However, I have always wanted to do a book-binding course (so if you hear of any please do let me know!) There was one in Hebden Bridge last year and sadly I couldn’t make it. Eyes peeled this year as I love paper, books and anything to do with stationary! Weird really πŸ˜‰

  3. This is so familiar… when the hand refuses to draw the first line in a new notebook. As everything new in life, it’s risky, yet really worth doing! I hope you will have lots of fun filling your handmade book and that it will always bring you back lots of nice memories.

    P.S. I also have that quaint love for paper, books and anything to do with stationary! Hmm…

  4. Thanks so much Gillian for your link on my blog.

    The book binding course I had seen (& sadly missed) last year was also in Hebden – there is one there in February (a one day event) – although this one of Rachel Hazell’s sounds great so thanks for the heads up! πŸ˜‰

    I’ve emailed her and, despite their being only room for 12 people, there is still space available – and so I am officially booked on!!!! Yay – so, my dear, many thanks!!

    Have you done one of her courses before? Where did you learn to do your bookbinding – at university? x

    • Ah that is fab that you got booked on! I really wish I could do one of Rachel’s courses. Perhaps in the future! I am completely self taught from books (I have about 5 books on book-binding) but I used to bind my own sketchbooks at uni because I enjoyed making them to a particular theme and making the covers. Have a great time at the weekend! X

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