Work in Progress Wednesday

My inspiration, originally uploaded by gilfling.

This is a terribly dark and gloomy and out of focus photo (taken at night)…. but this is what I am working on right now.

After really focussing a lot last year on my character sculptures and hardly painting at all (I think I did perhaps 3 paintings all last year?) I am trying my best to remedy that for 2012. That means I am drawing every day and working on paintings whenever I have time to be in the studio. It feels really good. I am a terrible friend, wife and house-cleaner when I am painting as everything else kind of gets put to the side but I am what I am and it feels kind of necessary at the moment.

I am not sure where this one is going. I was really liking it but could not get the figure to work to my satisfaction so painted out the body, then the angle of the head was bothering me so I painted that out too even though there was something about the face that I loved. I hope I don’t regret that as this figure is so far turning out very differently to how I expected it to.

Back to the studio for me and I will keep you updated on the progress of this piece.

x x x


5 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. This is looking beautiful, an atmospheric piece with a figure who seems deep in thought. Sometimes its best to let the painting take the lead and just see where it takes you. Just as in live, it never ends up as we expected!

  2. i’ve managed to find you again!! i lost ALL my blog list and am trying to reconstruct it…
    i’m loving this – esp. the face, the gothic arches – can’t wait to see what it becomes….
    lovely to find you again 🙂

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