In the queue …

In the queue …, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I had to take a last-minute trip down to London this week for a Very Exciting Thing (which frustratingly I cannot reveal just yet – but soon!) and went down a day early in order to see the Lucien Freud Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Gosh am I glad I went – it was the most amazing exhibition I have ever been to and to see his work for real was an amazing experience. You just can’t imagine the texture and scale of his paintings unless you are in front of them. My favourites were his self portraits and the huge canvases of Leigh Bowery which were really magnificent and quite poignant too. He really was one of the greatest artists of our times I think.

I am really not the greatest at making the effort to see exhibitions and getting out and about but this has encouraged me to see more and make much more of an effort in the future – I would have really missed out if I had not gone to see this.

But back to the studio for me today!! I have a lot to think about and whilst it is hard for me to not be discouraged by my own efforts having seen true genius, it is also incredibly inspiring and makes me constantly want to strive to be a better artist. I have a lifetime of painting ahead of me!


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