Clown face


I am working away on some new characters and I love seeing their unique personalities appearing. Will hopefully be able to show you them finished early next week!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

X x x

Making an exhibition of myself ….

Hello there! Well it is only Wednesday and I am pooped after working the whole weekend through to this week with Saturday in sight as a day of rest.

I was teaching all day on Saturday past, my first workshop this year and it was lovely and brilliant and satisfying and tiring all at the same time. I will hopefully be able to show photos tomorrow.

Then on Sunday till yesterday I was working on the most unusual commission I have ever been given. A Bakery Company commissioned me to spend the last few days at their exhibition stand at a Food Trade Fair and be part of their exhibition. As their theme was The Art of Food and their stand was a Gallery they had this idea to employ a local artist to spend the exhibition with them painting. It was a very strange experience. I have drawn and painted in public before but just on my own with my sketchbook or drawing board. The idea was to get people interested and stopping for a moment which really worked. For most of the time I pretty much managed to switch off and just work away in my own wee world but it was also interesting to speak to people about my work and answer questions. The paintings I worked on are really not up to much and whereas usually when working in my studio I will paint a bit, sit and have a cup of tea and stare at my easel a bit, procrastinate for a while and just generally day-dream, the was pretty full on and I was just trying to get something down on paper rather than stare at a blank sheet for half the day.

So an interesting experience, but boy am I tired today!!

Sculpting away …

Sculpting away, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Hello there! Thanks so much for all your recent comments – I am terribly behind with replying to them all (as ever) but hope to get it done soon.

Today is a day of appointments, my creative writing meet-up and odd jobs. I have been busy sculpting away this week in preparation for all the events I have coming up and I need to prepare for my upcoming workshop this Saturday so it is just going to be one of those days where although I am bobbing about everywhere, all I really want to do is sit and sculpt or start the next painting. Oh the life of a self-employed artist. I am glad to be on annual leave from my part time job this week so that I can get caught up.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

There is always a flicker of hope – process of a painting

At last I have been able to make time to put the progress of this last painting together into a mosaic. I am pretty sure she is done but will keep her on the easel a few more days just to see. It is an interesting process looking at the progress shots and seeing all the changes that were made – also to remember the times when I thought it was going nowhere or that I had ruined it.

I took a bit of drastic action after photo number 7 as I wanted to push the background further back so that she would stand out a little more so I covered the whole background with a glaze of blue oilstick and I think it has worked – I know that I prefer it now anyway.

As for her story – well I guess that is for the viewer to wonder about. But for me, she harks back to some previous paintings I worked on 2 or 3 years ago where I had read ‘In the heart of the sea’ for about the tenth time and was thinking about these sailors off to sea for months and years at a time, sometimes never to return. The wives left at home, forming strong communities of their own – some were possibly quite happy with this situation but I am sure there were others who would always wonder whether they would see their husbands again. Others, such as this sorrowful lass would know that their love was lost at sea, but might always keep a small flicker of hope that one day they would return. She wanders those hills and narrow streets with a lantern to light her way, hoping that it would guide him home too.

So there we go! The rest of this week is a sculpting week but I will be starting a new painting next week and I can’t wait to get back to the easel again.

I need to get some better shots of this painting but hope to release it as a print soon.

x x x

The Dim Light – Newly released Print!

ImageHello and a happy new week to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are excited about the week to come.

I like Mondays – they are always full of such possibility and a chance to believe and hope (if only for a moment) that I am going to get alot of my to-do-list done. Yesterday we spent a lovely Mothers day with Mark’s folks – a leisurely Sunday dinner, chat and plenty of card games. Today has so far been a day of tackling more applications with looming deadlines. I miss my Monday Flickr Mosaics but with a busy 2 months coming up I must prioritise, but I do hope to fit one in soon.

So my most recent painting is finished and I am really happy with her. I need to get a proper photo so that I can do a final blog post so in the meantime the image above is a brand new print in my etsy shop! The dim light is one of only 3 paintings I finished last year and I do like her. She is soulful and full of expression and character. Anyway she is now available in my etsy hope in a medium and large size.

I love that blue – it is my favourite colour.

Now I have to go sculpt – I have spent so much time on these paintings the last couple of weeks that I am really behind on creating new characters for upcoming shows….

Till tomorrow!

x x x


If only I could paint all day every day…

Getting there …., originally uploaded by gilfling.

Well that would be the dream now wouldn’t it? But today I have not managed to pick up a paintbrush as unfortunately when you are a self-employed artist there are so many other jobs that need to be done. Today has been a day of applications and as always I am scrambling to get them done at the last-minute – some things will probably never change.

It is always strange at this time of year to be applying for Christmas shows but I guess if there are any that I am accepted for, it means that for the rest of the year I am reassured by the fact I know where I will be and what I am doing. So far today I have submitted 4 applications – 3 for Christmas and 1 for a show in June that was extremely successful for me last year so fingers and toes are crossed.

Above is the recent progress of my painting – a detailed shot. I don’t know where these characters come from and this lady in particular has been a strong feature in my most recent drawings. I guess she just needs to have her story told.

I am really close to finishing this painting and hope to do so tomorrow so will share the progress shots once done.

My Inspiration…

Inspiration…, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Just a real quickie post today as it is my day for working my part-time job so time is short. But I just thought I would show you a photograph I took of my painting board. At the top you can see print outs of some photographs I took a couple of years ago at Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire. It is one of my favourite places and I really hope to go back there soon.m I had been meaning to use these as inspiration for such a long time but as is my way, it takes me a little while to get there. I like to think that these last couple of years, these images have been resting in my thoughts and dreams, just waiting to make an appearance.

Robin Hood’s Bay is a tiny coastal village perched on a really steep hillside and it is filled with quirky and interesting doorways and ancient stone walls and this amazing set of steps that disappear to who-knows-where. I could imagine Captains and Fishermen and their wives and families roaming the tiny streets, telling stories and sharing tales of hardship and strong communities.

I am always inspired by tales of the sea and seafarers and these doorways really make me wonder about the stories of the people who live there. I guess that more than anything this is what I want to translate to the viewer of my paintings. I want the viewer to wonder what the stories might be of the characters I am creating. I am hoping that you will feel the history and the atmosphere; to wonder where these characters have been, what are their thoughts and worries and charms and hopes and dreams.

I guess more than anything, in my own small way, I want to be a storyteller, with you the viewer joining me on a journey.

More tomorrow!