On my easel….

Messy lines, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Today is a studio day and this makes me very happy. I love those work days when if I so wished I could roll out of bed at eight and be at work by ten past…. although I do tend to stop off for breakfast first. Still, it is a very short climb up 2 flights of stairs from kitchen to workplace.

I am alternating between painting and sculpting at the moment as I am preparing for 2 exhibitions (they are a lot sooner than I would like!) and also Germany so busy, busy times. But I wanted to keep you up to date with what I am up to, so above is the new painting and work-in-progress on my easel.

I enjoyed writing the process of my last painting so much that I think I will do the same with this one too. It is an up and down journey but hopefully I will get there in the end. I think I will show you the progress of this one in real-time with a summarised post once finished (if I get that far with it)

So here I have figured out the composition and shapes in pencil and am now beginning to think about tone and light direction using marks all pencil and water – I am so indecisive that this can change several times during the course of painting a piece! But it is all part of the way I work, muddled as it may be – I get there in the end, I just don’t like to make life easy for myself.

x x x


2 thoughts on “On my easel….

  1. But in that “not making easy” for yourself is very much joy included i’m sure!
    I feel that for myself every time… a struggle to dicide… something you have to start again and again… are mostly the pieces where you had so much joy working on 😉

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