The Dim Light – Newly released Print!

ImageHello and a happy new week to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are excited about the week to come.

I like Mondays – they are always full of such possibility and a chance to believe and hope (if only for a moment) that I am going to get alot of my to-do-list done. Yesterday we spent a lovely Mothers day with Mark’s folks – a leisurely Sunday dinner, chat and plenty of card games. Today has so far been a day of tackling more applications with looming deadlines. I miss my Monday Flickr Mosaics but with a busy 2 months coming up I must prioritise, but I do hope to fit one in soon.

So my most recent painting is finished and I am really happy with her. I need to get a proper photo so that I can do a final blog post so in the meantime the image above is a brand new print in my etsy shop! The dim light is one of only 3 paintings I finished last year and I do like her. She is soulful and full of expression and character. Anyway she is now available in my etsy hope in a medium and large size.

I love that blue – it is my favourite colour.

Now I have to go sculpt – I have spent so much time on these paintings the last couple of weeks that I am really behind on creating new characters for upcoming shows….

Till tomorrow!

x x x



3 thoughts on “The Dim Light – Newly released Print!

  1. That’s a very nice painting – I like the subject, it’s very “you”, if you know what I mean, I love the colours and the shades and the whole idea of someone holding a huge chinese lantern.

    P.S. I know how blogging can get in the way – there’s never enough time for creating something new and posting regulary.

  2. Stunning colours as always Gillian. I can see I’m going to have to save some pennies and buy another painting at some point in the future to go with the other I bought last year.

    Friends and guests still comment on it and I still love it soooooo much!

    Thanks for being so talented! 😉 x

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