Making an exhibition of myself ….

Hello there! Well it is only Wednesday and I am pooped after working the whole weekend through to this week with Saturday in sight as a day of rest.

I was teaching all day on Saturday past, my first workshop this year and it was lovely and brilliant and satisfying and tiring all at the same time. I will hopefully be able to show photos tomorrow.

Then on Sunday till yesterday I was working on the most unusual commission I have ever been given. A Bakery Company commissioned me to spend the last few days at their exhibition stand at a Food Trade Fair and be part of their exhibition. As their theme was The Art of Food and their stand was a Gallery they had this idea to employ a local artist to spend the exhibition with them painting. It was a very strange experience. I have drawn and painted in public before but just on my own with my sketchbook or drawing board. The idea was to get people interested and stopping for a moment which really worked. For most of the time I pretty much managed to switch off and just work away in my own wee world but it was also interesting to speak to people about my work and answer questions. The paintings I worked on are really not up to much and whereas usually when working in my studio I will paint a bit, sit and have a cup of tea and stare at my easel a bit, procrastinate for a while and just generally day-dream, the was pretty full on and I was just trying to get something down on paper rather than stare at a blank sheet for half the day.

So an interesting experience, but boy am I tired today!!


2 thoughts on “Making an exhibition of myself ….

  1. What a great experience, actually painting in a gallery, sounds like a good way for people to see you working and your work in progress.
    You do seem really busy. I am glad your workshop went well. I missed the workshop you held last year and would have loved to attend this one but as we’ve emigrated to Australia in January I can only admire your work from afar.
    Unless you intend to visit Brisbane that is!
    Anyway Gillian, good luck with you future projects and for being such an inspiring talant.

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