Whilst Waiting… You Have Time to Dream…


Today is a good day. I came home from my my part time job to a message that I had sold one of my most recent paintings in the wonderful exhibition ‘May all your dreams come true…’ which is currently taking place at Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. As I was rushing about preparing for Germany before I had to deliver work to the exhibition I ran out of time and did not get a chance to photograph the painting that sold today so regretfully there can never be a print of it – the only photo I have is the terrible one above which is an in progress shot. The lovely couple who purchased it saw it at the exhibition preview and returned today to decide which one of the three paintings they wanted to take home – they already have a few of my clay characters I think.

Alison asked me to write a wee description of my thoughts on the painting and here it is…

‘Whilst growing up in Scotland a well-worn phrase has always been my mantra – as my beloved Grandmother used to say ‘What’s for ye, ‘ll no go by ye’ – in other words if something is meant to be, it will be. This relates to so many areas of my life and is the perfect addition to the stories that influence my artwork and the characters that appear in my dreams. Things might not always turn out the way we planned, and often we have to wait a lot longer than we first thought for our dreams to come true – but if something is meant for us, it will happen in its own time – and in the waiting, we have time to dream. I always wanted to be an Artist, and for a long time I drifted in another direction – but I found my way eventually and now, even though at times it is hard, I cannot imagine doing anything else. In all the busyness of modern life, dreaming is vital to my existence – I am a true day-dreamer and these are the times when my thoughts are drifting, stories are taking shape and characters are appearing in my day-to-day thoughts. I say that I have the whirling thoughts of someone who does not always wish to be rooted in a realistic present – I am a dreamer and someone who hopes that those dreams will one day come true.”

In many ways, this painting is the perfect representation of my recent journey. The last few months have been tough for personal reasons and this month in particular, a real challenge. Life throws difficulties at us and this life – the life of trying to be an artist is not the easiest route to take – in some ways I think I am trying to pretend to  ‘be’ an artist in the hope that one day I will actually ‘become one’ – but the journey continues and it is days like today that make me love what I do even more.

I will be back soon!

PS – you can see Heart Galleries blog post on my contribution to the exhibition here.

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