Becoming …..


There are so many hours and stages of creating my clay sculptures that I find it interesting to look back at what they were and who they became.


I definitely feel my sculpting improving although my neck and shoulders are not thanking me for the many hours I have been working on these recent pieces. Each one probably takes 5 hours to sculpt, refine and sand with more hours for the various layers of undercoat, paint, crackle, ageing and varnish.


They are a labour of love!

But here he is finished. Meet Hans, who is a little awkward in front of the camera but likes boating along winding streams, collecting fallen feathers and hopes to meet a lovely lass to share his creaky, quirky cottage with.


Beginnings ….


I have been successfully staying off the computer (in order to concentrate on work) but that has meant that this space has been more than a little neglected. So I am going to give blogging another go and am planning lots of short, snappy posts with an image and a few words so that I can update on my phone (yaaay for smart phones!) with the intention of a weekly or bi-weekly more detailed update on what I have been doing and exciting things coming up.

Right now I am nursing a sore back that is threatening to get worse and trying to treat it with hot water bottles and rest to see if it will pass.

I am also working in the studio – writing lots and gathering thoughts and ideas for new paintings. I am never short of themes and possibilities but it can all be a little overwhelming and the trick is to organise what is in my head and pick out one or two things to develop further. I am planning on trying to work on a collection of new paintings and see where they take me.

So that is where I am at today.

x x x