At last … Show me the Monet

I have been meaning to blog for so long about ‘Show me the Monet’ and whilst in some ways I worry about boring those who have already watched and heard the story a dozen times,  it is also undoubtably the most exciting thing to happen to me in terms of my art career – so apologies if you have already heard so much about it already…. I don’t want to let the moment pass me by just yet and also want to let those see it who haven’t had the chance already…

Whilst pretty much all my family and everyone I know has been kept up to date with the goings on of me appearing on the show, I haven’t really had much time to promote it on my website and blog etc. There is so much that I would love to write about the whole experience but if I do that all at once it would give the game away (the end result) for anyone who hasn’t yet seen the programme so I thought I would direct you to the iplayer link for the show today and then write a couple of posts about the experience next week.

So here it is….. 

(PS it is only available until 26th July on iplayer so apologies if you read this after that date. Also you may have problems watching it if you are outside the UK – one solution that has worked for other folks is to download the app at tunnelbear which will enable you to view it from most countries)

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!

x x x


6 thoughts on “At last … Show me the Monet

  1. Ooh! I have been taping this every day and have a few to catch up on, I look forward to seeing you and your work on it then reading about your experience 🙂

  2. I have been meaning to watch this after your initial post, for what seems ages now! Knew I must be running out of time to catch-up – so made tonight was the night – and I have to say how thrilled I was to see you on national TV!

    You also know how to make a grown man cry…of course, I don’t want to say too much in case there are people who still don’t know the end result…but despite only meeting you the once, I felt very proud, humbled, in awe and unbelievably moved by the whole thing. You presented yourself and your work beautifully – well done…and wow, what an experience!!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the whole thing 😉 Hugs x

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