Studio snaps No.1

Studio snaps No.1, originally uploaded by gilfling.

As ever I am dashing out the door (to go on a photography course for the afternoon) but just thought I would quickly blog a new series of studio shots that I am taking. I love my studio and as I was working there the other day I was looking at all the little treasures and collections and corners that make it the inspiring space that it is. So I thought I would take some snapshots to show you …one…by…one….

This is a wee boy’s coat … so beautifully made with smocked details and beautifully sewn cuffs and collar with embroidery. Perfect in ever detail. I even love the age spots that dapple the front and back. It is around 60 years old and was actually my fathers from when he was but a wee smidgen of a boy (around 2 I think? correct me if I am wrong dad) and it has hung in my various studios over the years. A precious thing to me and I love looking at it every day that I work in my studio.

*I just wanted to thank you for your lovely, supportive and encouraging comments regarding the TV show – I have loved reading them and am so glad you enjoyed watching it.

** I will begin writing properly about the show tomorrow when I will have more time so stay tuned for that!


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