Show me the Monet…part 1

I wanted to write a couple of blog posts about my experience on the tv show ‘Show me the Monet’ as it was such an exciting thing to be a part of but it was all too quickly over. I had to keep it all a secret for so long (up until the point of broadcasting) that I have missed out completely on blogging about the whole thing as it was happening.

I heard of the programme during the first series shown last year and whilst I only found out about it half way through the series I used to watch an episode a day on my computer using iplayer whilst sculpting away. I really enjoyed seeing the variety of work from both amateur and professional artists and the (sometimes surprising) comments and view from the judges. The 3 art experts are known as the ‘hanging committee’ and you can read more about them here as well as more about the presenter Chris Hollins.

It was fascinating to see artists talk about their own work and see how confident people are (or more often not)  and their reactions to the sometimes unflinching critiques of the judges and which works of art they considered worthy of showing at The Show me the Monet exhibition (held at the Royal College of Art for the first series.)  The most prominent thought in my head whilst watching was ‘I could never do that….’ but more often than not I found myself agreeing with the judges and their comments.

So when I found out about the call out for artists to apply for Series 2 via Facebook and after a decision to be braver and try to follow opportunities which were outside of my comfort zone I filled out the application form (albeit with a lot of trepidation and hesitancy). There was a deadline of only 3,000 applications to be accepted so I hurriedly sent it off after rushing through the written sections and questions. Choosing the artwork was easy as at the time I only had 2 recent paintings in my possession having not painted much atall in 2011 so the decision was made.  I have never had any ambitions to be on TV but was quite happy with my new found ‘what the heck attitude’ knowing that I would not even make it past the first cut…..

(continued in next post!!)

PS I have finally added a shop to my website and you can buy the print of ‘A Moment in Time’ (the painting from the show) at a special price of £30.00 until the 10th of August where it will go up to the usual price of £35.00.


One thought on “Show me the Monet…part 1

  1. i left a comment a few weeks ago, after seeing you on the telly 😉
    i was so thrilled that you sold your piece!!!
    what a wonderful experience for you xx

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