More painting progress…


I finished this painting a couple of weeks ago (or more) and as I had blogged about the progress of it, I wanted to show it completed. I had a few months earlier this year of hardly managing any painting, really struggling with it and for me that is usually a sign that something is shifting, perhaps in style or that I am turning a corner in my work. I think this painting shows signs of that (along with There is Always a Flicker of Hope) but there have been a few paintings inbetween where I have struggled and feel that they haven’t worked so well.

One of the hardest things about working away, alone in your studio is that it is incredibly isolating (which ironically I also find to be one of the best things about it) but in terms of ‘seeing’ your own work and critiquing it, this, I struggle with. I post online and get lots of very lovely and positive feedback. Sometimes however, I want a proper, thorough and critical crituque – for someone to point out where I have gone wrong, where my painting techniques need improvement, whether my imagery is bland or too much of a muchness – I want someone to pick apart my work. 

I guess the difficulty with that is that ten different people could have a hundred different opinions and the trick would be to not get confused by what they are saying and to have a strong idea of where you want your work to be going but to take the constructive criticism to get there. I crave that group feedback and am at a loss at the moment as to where to find it. I am however visiting with a gallery the week after next with all of my current work and am excited (and nervous) to see what they think and if they will be interested in representing me. This feels like a big deal as I haven’t presented my paintings to a new gallery for a long time so we shall see what comes of it.

 There is  a new painting on the easel that I am currently working on. Whenever I am spending alot of time in the studio so many other things get neglected (website updates, show applications, admin, etc etc). I find it so hard to switch between the focussed creative space and All The Other Things That Must Be Done.

Consequently I still have to finish writing about Show the Monet – I will get there eventually!

So above is Melody (still thinking about the title) – not brilliant photos but once I have more work finished next week I will be photographing properly for new prints.

I would love to know – where do you get feedback from? What do you find to be most valuable?

Bye for now x x x


5 thoughts on “More painting progress…

  1. i really understand what you are saying. It isn’t possible to feel as if you are advancing and progressing without having constructive feedback. The supportive feedback is lovely, but the critiques are what help us to learn and grow. I recently had the opportunity to have some wonderful critiques and constructive feedback about some of my writing, which has been incredibly helpful. The great thing about constructive critique is that it really makes you dig more deeply into your art to see if you agree with the critique or not. Does the feedback help the art become more, to become all it could be, or do you feel it is pulling it in a wrong direction? It is really helpful when you use it in the right way, not as a criticism of your work, but as an opportunity to open your mind to ways it could be more than it already is. Other times, you realize that actually you served the piece the way it was intended to be served because the critique dosn’t fit at all for you. Either way, it has been valuable for you going forward into whatever comes next.

    • Joanne thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. Evaluating your own work is truly difficult but I do hope that as long as it continues to be honest and true to the emotion I am trying to convey then I can’t go far wrong. X

  2. I can understand where you are coming from. I really miss the group crit from when I was at college. A group of people who you know and trust, who can be honest with their opinions whether you agree with them or not. I wondered about setting up some kind of internet group, but realised I would be asking strangers to comment on my work and that element of trust is not there. In a group crit people offer their opinion and constructive criticism of your work, but you also return the favour. Opening it up to anyone would make me feel really vulnerable. I meet a friend from college every now and then and we go to see exhibitions. We then have coffee and show each other our work. Initially we were quite furtive about this as people looked at us strangely from across their tables, but now we are a lot more bold…

  3. Hi, Just found your blog through Follow Friday on Twitter, bit of a convoluted way but I’m glad I did. 🙂 This painting has an unusual sense of space, makes me think there’s something we can’t see, like a mystery. 🙂
    I used to ask my eldest daughter what she thought of my painting, children can be so truthful!
    Jess x x

  4. ahhh group feedback… i confess i’d be terrified!!
    the hard part of the OCA course is getting the tutor’s feedback, which is why i choked last time…. trouble is, i don’t know, and therefore, don’t trust him…
    anyway, so lovely to hear from you and i’d LOVE you to come visit!! we could have a friendly, gentle feedback session, if you wanted…
    sending loving, healing thoughts to both you and your lovely hubbie xxx
    if you send a private email, i can send you my phone number x

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