Open for business

Open for business

I have had various incarnations of an online shop over the last few years and although I have Seek and Adore for my sculptures (more on those in an upcoming post) I had not quite found anything that suited my prints and small original paintings since I closed my etsy shop a while ago. But finally! I have rediscovered the simplicity and practicality of big cartel so in the last week or so I have been gradually adding some small original paintings, favourite older prints and of course newer prints to my brand new shop.

As a wee welcome and introduction I am offering a welcome discount of 20% off any purchase until 31st May 2013 – just add use the code WELCOME20 to the box when confirming your purchases on the shopping cart page. Click on the photo above to be taken straight to the store.

Scattered to the four winds – Progress of a painting

Folks seem to find my progress of a paintings posts interesting so thought I would show you the progress of this painting that I just finished today.

Sketching out progress 1

I started this painting months ago and reached a certain stage with it where I knew I wasn’t happy but just could not progress with it any further at the time. So it has been propped up in my studio all of that time, taunting me, trying to get me to decide whether to trash or rework it.

progress 3 progress 4

I put it behind my mirror and forgot about it for a while (as in the fourth image above).  But yesterday I rediscovered her and thought I would see if she was worth rescuing and on many occasions in the past 2 days I wondered why I was bothering.

progress 5

I liked her, then ruined her, many times over. But I think she is finished and I am so glad I returned to see her completed.

progress 6

And so it goes with my working process and I am trying to learn to trust myself, to persist, to push through the mess, to excavate what lies beneath and to pause and just look. Sometimes unexpected things happen. I painted the windmill and the poppies appeared last but I then liked the relation between the windmill and the idea of seeds being strewn by the winds and beauty appearing here there and everywhere.

my studio

Speaking of things strewn to the four winds – this is the state of my studio when I am immersed in painting. However my organisation has been much helped by my recent purchase of the Ikea trolley that so many artists have been mentioning – I highly recommend it!

This will be one of the paintings I show at The Art Market in Holmfirth at the end of June.

My paint palette

I have been asked a few times about the colours that I use in my work so thought I would attempt a wee video to explain my palette and some of the colour mixes that I use.

Please excuse my shaky voice, all the urrmmms and errrs and over use of the word ‘beautiful’.

I hope you enjoy it and that it is of some interest to you.

Incidentally all this novice video making is slowly building up to a rather large and exciting project that I am currently working on which won’t be revealed for a while but all in good time!

x x x

Gathered at the shore

The weeks fly by and I pootle along oblivious. Just working away as usual in my own wee world.

I have a few projects on the go at the moment and am changing some of my work habits and plans – part of which is continuing to make the best of my studio time, continuing to persevere with oil painting, making plans for future work and keeping painting the days away when I can and learning as I go along… always learning.

Above is another amateur video of a journal page in progress. (Learning… always learning)


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