My paint palette

I have been asked a few times about the colours that I use in my work so thought I would attempt a wee video to explain my palette and some of the colour mixes that I use.

Please excuse my shaky voice, all the urrmmms and errrs and over use of the word ‘beautiful’.

I hope you enjoy it and that it is of some interest to you.

Incidentally all this novice video making is slowly building up to a rather large and exciting project that I am currently working on which won’t be revealed for a while but all in good time!

x x x

12 thoughts on “My paint palette

    • Hi Sharon – Thank you so much. Yes the Davy’s grey is very transparent but makes a lovely mixing/tinting colour. A stay wet palette is a must for working with Acrylics – you will save the cost in paint in no time at all.

      • I’m back. Just got my Stay wet palette and Davy’s grey delivered today. Had to have one of those blue 3-in-ones too. Had to come view the video again. Can’t find my notes from the first time. I’m inspired to set up my palette now.

    • Thank you so much Constanza and for visiting here at my blog. Oh I have not posted in flicker for such a long time – just had so many problems with the log in that I have kind of given up. More of an instagram girl now!

  1. Found you thru Lynne Hoppe’s blog. So happy I stopped by. Your palette is lovely and I can’t wait to try Davy’s Gray and the Stay Wet Palette. I also use Golden products. They are divine. Look forward to more videos. Hope you do a studio tour.

    • Darlene thank you so much for visiting here at my blog. Aaah I do love golden paints. I have only tried Heavy Body colours but am tempted by the fluid ones too. yes a studio tour is on the cards!

  2. This was a wonderful and informative video Gillian. Many thanks for sharing it! Oh darn – now I “need” on of those
    palettes! Ha-ha!

  3. I came over from Lynne’s blog and so glad i did. I have never used Davy gray and going to try it. I loved your urrmmmm and errrs in such a lovely British accent. I am afraid mine is from Manchester and not quite as nice as yours.

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