Always learning….. colour painting

Colour mixing bible

So many new and upcoming exciting things to share but whilst I get my blog posting sorted here is a latest obsession of mine.

I have always painted by instinct really, just doing as I feel and getting to know what works by trial and error. But now that I am taking my painting a lot more seriously I am realising how much I have to learn.

One of the main things I am curious about is colour mixing – how different colours work, tinting strength, opacity, unusual and unexpected mixes, finding the best way of reaching a certain colour out of any number of paths.

So a few weeks ago I began this colour mixing bible – a moleskine (can’t think I would ever use anything else now) and every colour paint I have, mixing them in varying strengths with various tints just to see what happens. It is fascinating and I am learning so much! Two new pages everyday that I am in my studio – it is going to take a long time but I am having fun making new discoveries.


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