Following a different path – workshops

A while ago I wrote this post on a decision that had been brewing for a while, a change of focus, a change of pace and a change of priorities and whilst I still miss sculpting, there are no regrets – only a different path to follow and a feeling that I am going in the right direction.

2013-08-02 21.45.59

For the last few years I have taught many workshops, all craft based – felt making, textiles, whimsical creatures but for some strange reason I always had something that held me back from teaching art classes – I can’t explain it, I get these wee notions and lack of confidence and I let my fears rule my head. Well times have changed and with a renewed sense of purpose so has come a new confidence and an increased sense of what I am capable of and what I would actually like to do with myself when I am not painting and drawing and working. So I while ago I took the plunge and advertised some art classes at the wonderful Focus Gallery in Nottingham.

2013-08-02 21.39.40

Last month was the first of a few monthly art workshops and I have to say I had an absolutely wonderful time. Students came from Leicestershire, Chester and Oxfordshire and we worked from a life model, creating large expressive pastel drawings. It was so much fun. It felt very natural to me and from the feedback I received it seems the students had a great experience (always paramount in my mind.) The photographs really are a testament to how hard everyone worked and how much they progressed during the course of the day but there are also some written testimonials to how the day went too.

So if you are within travelling distance of Nottingham and you would like to attend a course, I would love to see you there. All classes are booked here.

2013-08-02 21.46.09

Next blog post I will have some news of one of three exciting up coming events!

I also just wanted to say thank-you. I have had a flurry of new followers to this blog and blog comments which I am catching up on replying to. So thank you to all who read, follow and comment. Your interest is as ever very much appreciated.


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