We all Cast Shadows

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I promised I would let you know a little more detail about this post last time and … well … the exciting news is that I am currently working on a body of drawings and paintings for a solo exhibition at the wonderful Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge, East Yorkshire Autumn 2014. As we are only just into this autumn so the next one seems far away but I know that it will pass in the blink of an eye (so hard to savour every moment when they pass all too fast but it is a constant journey of trying). So the exhibition is to be called ‘We all Cast Shadows’ and the title itself has so many meanings to me which I will describe as the months go on.

The work itself is the culmination of a few years of obsession with the same subject and a desire to complete a whole body of work inspired by it – communities of women, bound together by uncertain times, (initially inspired by fisherman’s wives but it could be applied to many other communities) and I plan to blog the development of the work and the in progress pieces as I go along – the highs (as well as the lows probably) of working towards a solo show.

I have so much going on in my head right now it feels fit to bursting. What with building a new website (slow, slow progress on that front), working towards the solo show, and dum-da-da-daaa – writing and developing my first ever e-course (!) as well as working part time with older people and trying to do other things apart from work, my plate is very full right now but I am so happy and content with all that I am doing. It has taken a while (and as always is a constant work in progress) to get to this point and there is so much going on behind the scenes.

So now you know what the call out for info was on the last post and this new direction has been partly influenced by many people asking me if and when I was planning on teaching an ecourse and also my own desire to pass on my knowledge and experience and just share with likeminded folks. So thank you to everyone who sent me their comments and thoughts – I haven’t yet replied to them all but it was such a great help and I so appreciate your input.

So now I am back to the to-list, the note-making and the idea churning.

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Make it Up North 2013

Make it Up North

Exactly one week ago I was standing in the beautiful Guildhall in York participating in the pilot show for Make it Up North conceived by the brilliant team behind The Arts Market UK.

Almost 50 exhibitors, carefully chosen for the quality and originality of their work, workshops and artists talks – such a great event and one that I very much hope to show at again.

2013-10-05 10.38.42

I arrived to set up at the event on the Friday morning – over the moon to see that they had used one of my images for the show leaflet (all 40,000 of them!) and was so grateful that my dad and step mum had travelled down from Scotland for a weekend break and to help me out – 3 day shows are hard work and an extra pair of hands (or two) are very much appreciated.

2013-10-04 11.52.44

So the weekend mainly consisted of

~ chatting to the Lord Mayor of York about my work

~ meeting Cliff Wright (the illustrator behind the wonderful Harry Potter book covers) and acting like a complete dork I was so delighted to meet him

~ meeting and chatting with regular customers and fans who are so generous in their comments and appreciation of my work

2013-10-05 10.37.41

~ meeting new fans of my work and hearing how much my work ‘resonates’ with them

~ realising that more than anything my work has become about ‘connection’ – connecting with my own stories and the stories of others – connection and resonance (love those two words)

2013-10-05 10.14.18

~ selling more cards, prints and small originals than I could ever have anticipated at a brand new show

~ giving a talk to the public about the ideas  and inspiration behind my new body of work ‘We all Cast Shadows’ (more about that in the next post)

~ tea and cake at Betty’s (twice no less!)

~connecting and conversing with other artists and makers. the organisers and everyone else I met over the weekend.

~ feeling again ever so grateful (so grateful) that I have somehow found myself doing this as my life’s work.

PS you can have a wee preview of some exciting upcoming news that I shall chat about in my next post here at this blog.

A moment of your time.

Meandering Along

Hello friends – I have a wee favour to ask if you have a moment.
I am in full swing planning a big (soon to be revealed) project
and would very much appreciate your input. It relates to face to face workshops plus some online work that I will be doing don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you are committing to a class at all!
I have 3 questions for you and any answers would be very much appreciated.
They relate to my art and creative work so even better if that is your interest although it is not necessary.
The 3 questions are…
What is something I can do that you wish you could… do?
What would you love to see me teach a class on?
What is the one thing you wish you could do or learn more about? (this could be anything not just art based)
If you need more of an idea of my work then you can view my website www.gillianleesmith.com or view more blog posts.
Thank you so much for your time.