A moment of your time.

Meandering Along

Hello friends – I have a wee favour to ask if you have a moment.
I am in full swing planning a big (soon to be revealed) project
and would very much appreciate your input. It relates to face to face workshops plus some online work that I will be doing don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you are committing to a class at all!
I have 3 questions for you and any answers would be very much appreciated.
They relate to my art and creative work so even better if that is your interest although it is not necessary.
The 3 questions are…
What is something I can do that you wish you could… do?
What would you love to see me teach a class on?
What is the one thing you wish you could do or learn more about? (this could be anything not just art based)
If you need more of an idea of my work then you can view my website www.gillianleesmith.com or view more blog posts.
Thank you so much for your time.

9 thoughts on “A moment of your time.

  1. Hi Gillian- I’ve only recently discovered your lovely art. Thank you for sharing it.
    1. You have a nice loose style of painting – I am too rigid and would like to be able to loosen up too.
    2. I would love to take a class on item 1 – particularly in respect to portraits. But a trip to England is not in my future – could you please consider making online classes?
    3. I would like to be able to paint (acrylics) family portraits from photographs.
    Thanks for asking!

  2. Hi Gillian,
    I would love to learn from you online (living here on the other side of the Atlantic). My ‘dream class’ would be an exploration of your work; color, line and form based on life drawing. I’ve already gained much from your color suggestions. I’m ready to work more on loosening up
    my lines and leaning into color more. I’m one of the older artists trained in the 70’s and 80’s
    when ‘narrative’ was a dirty word. Story is now the scaffolding and execution is my drawing practice.

    I’m in if you’re planning online instruction! Acrylics especially.

  3. that’s a no-brainer! The way you draw and paint captured me from the first time I saw your work. The line, the color, the peacefulness of your images. Online would be my choice.

  4. Just discovered your Beautiful artwork very recently. I believe any class that you teach would be of great benefit. I especially love the full body/character work that includes a little scenery whether it be just a wall/floor or more detailed and I also like the head/shoulder portraits. I would also be interested in an online art class, too. I prefer acrylics as well. My discovery of art is very new, so in regards to what I would like to learn, I am in search of learning more techniques and approaches to making art look soft — not so hard and penciled in/outlined like I am doing right now. Looking forward to seeing what you offer.

  5. Hi Gillian,
    Firstly I blooming love your work, always have and you do a great many things I wish I could do.
    1. You make a living out of your creative talents and have a great sense of style. You can tell a Gillian Lee Smith from a mile away. You also convey a mood beautifully which are all things I wish I could do.
    2. I am always interested with the inspiration behind things. Maybe a class in building a narrative and the process of creating a work of art? Also maybe a class or talk on how to make a living out of doing what you do – hints and a kind of coaching for us younger ones?
    3. I wish I could travel the world and learn more about different cultures to grow and gather ideas and inspiration. I also would love to learn about taxidermy as I am quite fascinated with it.
    I hope this helps.
    Good luck xx

  6. 1.I also would like to learn how to loosen up more, and find my own exact style. I’m all over the place.
    2. I would love to take an online class if you were teaching about how you create your faces in that mystical, funky, timeless way. Not in the cutesy style. And more about how to work with acrylics. More of the “off camera” things like mixing, and finding that “sweet spot” in the paints. I have problems with getting the paint to work for me – I seem to fight it a lot.
    3. I wish I could travel to some fabulous art retreats and meet artists like yourself.

  7. Hi Gillian, I’ve only just now discovered your blog via Lynne Hopppe. Your work is beautiful! What I would most like in a class is how to put together the whole composition. I love doing faces and figures, but how to incorporate them into a scene is what stumps me. I live in the western US, so online would probably be all that I could do, although I’d love to fly on over for face-to-face lessons!

  8. Hi Gillian, I first came across your work on the face to face online class and fell in love with your work. I love your style and the stories your picture portray to me, I would love to do an online class with you, learning how to make a painting flow so beautifully. (Mine are to rigid and structured)
    I would love to meet all the lovely ladies that I have met through online classes all over the world, what a trip that would be.

  9. I am new to your blog and your work. I find your use of color and the melancholic moodiness very compelling. I would love, love to be able to learn on-line about your creative and painting process start to finish, from inspiration, concept development, to getting it on canvas. I watched your color video and found it very helpful as well as inspiring! please please offer more. I am happy to pay for your time.

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