Knowing what to leave out…

harbour houses

I have been working on some more of the little harbour houses in the last day or so and the thing that I am finding most fascinating about them is the way in which they are teaching me what to put in and what to leave out.

harbour houses

Not everything needs to be there for the message to be conveyed.

2013-11-04 19.14.24

Also – it is how I edit  the images that makes my work completely unique to me. If we were all painting the same scene it would be the things we would choose to leave out as much as what we choose to include that would make each piece unique to us.

harbour houses

I am working from photos for these studies. It is not ideal as I would really rather be there working from life (but perhaps soon) but in working from these images I am making conscious decisions about

– which houses to put where (I am using the photos as inspiration rather than copying them),

– how many houses to include (sometimes one in the right place says everything I want it to say)

– drawing a suggestion of other pieces of the image

– choosing to work more on the atmosphere rather than every window and line

– creating random gestural marks that  add to the piece making it more what I feel rather than see

harbour houses

I am really excited about discovering more about this and will blog about it as my thoughts develop further!

You can read a little bit more about my work, inspirations and process here at this blog for this weekends upcoming Art Market.


3 thoughts on “Knowing what to leave out…

  1. I love this! I’m always fascinated by the workings of other artists, and find it so interesting what you say about learning what to leave out. That’s one of the biggest challenges for me, and I think I sort of knew that that’s where the uniqueness of our work lies but hadn’t finished the thought all the way through to articulate it! I also like to use images as reference, picking out what I like most and not necessarily rendering it as I see it. I love these new paintings of yours, and really enjoy reading your thoughts about your work as you progress. There’s so much in this post that I’ll come back to.

    • Tara thanks so much for visiting here – glad you liked the post – yes I had been thinking that that is one of the very defining unique qualities of each artist – how we ‘edit’ which can only come from the different ways of ‘seeing’ – it is fascinating! x

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