Sketchbook Sunday

The sun is shining outside although it feels cold in my studio. I am in my painting clothes just pottering away where no-one has to see me – bliss.

daily sketches

Here are a few of my sketch-a-day images from this week. So satisfying to be filling another wee book with small daily images. Faces – always faces but I don’t think I shall ever get bored. What can be more fascinating than the face?

daily sketches

I am suffering from my third crick in my neck in as many weeks. Once in the left side, twice in the right and it is bothersome indeed. I haven’t yet worked out what is causing it but perhaps I need to put the heating up in the studio as it is cold up there. Deep heat cream helps and I do love the smell even if others around me don’t (our cats avoid me after I first apply it).

daily sketches

I hope you are having/have had a lovely last weekend before the holidays. For myself I am looking forward to working Tuesday visiting my elder folks and then having almost a full week off. I feel ready for it.

(Please remember that new blog posts will only be appearing here till the end of December – in order to keep following my blog you will need to hop on over to my new website and the from then on.)

x x x


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