Sculpting Away …..

I have been wanting to play around with making videos of my in-progress work for a wee while and although I would love it if I had something a bit more polished to show you, if I were to wait for that to happen we could all be waiting an awful long time! I took this a few weeks ago when I was in a flurry of making new characters. As it is this took me half a day to even work out how to edit it (I use the term loosely as really it just meant chopping a bit of at the beginning and end) and save it to my computer. But we all have to start somewhere right? Baby steps, baby steps…

So here it is in it’s simplicity (and nope, I haven’t figured out how to embed it into a post yet…so here it is on my brand new Vimeo site)

Sculpting Away

Becoming …..


There are so many hours and stages of creating my clay sculptures that I find it interesting to look back at what they were and who they became.


I definitely feel my sculpting improving although my neck and shoulders are not thanking me for the many hours I have been working on these recent pieces. Each one probably takes 5 hours to sculpt, refine and sand with more hours for the various layers of undercoat, paint, crackle, ageing and varnish.


They are a labour of love!

But here he is finished. Meet Hans, who is a little awkward in front of the camera but likes boating along winding streams, collecting fallen feathers and hopes to meet a lovely lass to share his creaky, quirky cottage with.


Introducing Benno


Hello! There will be lots of short in-progress blog posts coming up as I am in full swing preparing work to take to Germany so I will be posting from my phone and resisting getting lost in the cavernous world wide web! Just over a month to go and an exhibition and an arts trail looming before then!

So head down and nose to the grindstone for me. In the meantime, meet Benno, the latest addition to the family that sits on my bookshelves for a short time.

X x x

Sculpting away …

Sculpting away, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Hello there! Thanks so much for all your recent comments – I am terribly behind with replying to them all (as ever) but hope to get it done soon.

Today is a day of appointments, my creative writing meet-up and odd jobs. I have been busy sculpting away this week in preparation for all the events I have coming up and I need to prepare for my upcoming workshop this Saturday so it is just going to be one of those days where although I am bobbing about everywhere, all I really want to do is sit and sculpt or start the next painting. Oh the life of a self-employed artist. I am glad to be on annual leave from my part time job this week so that I can get caught up.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

A future antique?


As you may know, I have been selling my work on the wonderful website – Seek & Adore for a few months now. I love the look of the site, the quality of work and the extra wee touches that let you see behind the scene’s of the life of an artist and maker. Seek and & Adore are also dedicated to really promoting their makers with the idea that we belong in the studio- making – rather than stuck infront of a computer for hours on end trying to promote our work. A wonderful philosophy in my book!!

My work has been used in various ways for Seek & Adore – a large image was used in the Christmas catalogue promotion and as a banner at the top of the ‘Unique Gifts section’ on the website. I mailed them a few of my brooches a couple of months back and they took beautifuly staged shots of them – you can now see them gracing the top of the Valentines Gifts for Women.

Another unique feature of the website is Adored by… section where well known designers, writers and interiors specialists are asked to curate a selection of their favourite pieces from Seek & Adore and write about why they appeal to them. I was delighted to find that the most recent selection has been curated by Mark Hill who is an antiques, design and collectables specialist who appears on the Antiques Road Show. He has chosen Ada as one of his favourite pieces and writes…

“Combining the long-standing tradition of homemade painted fabric dolls with a haunting character that looks as if it’s jumped straight out of a contemporary illustrated book, I find this quirkily appealing.”

I am over the moon that one of my pieces was chosen for this selection. Everything I make is created with the idea and hope that  each piece will be loved by the person who purchases it – so much so that it will stay with them for a life-time and handed down to those who loved them also. I have never made things to fit into our ‘throw away’ mentality but items to be cherished and passed on. Some of my most treasured belongings have been handed down to me by my great grandfather, grandmother and great grandmother. Who knows if my dolls and characters will still be around in 100 years time – I like to think they will be!

x x x

Where I’m at….

awaiting arms, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Hello there. I am so behind at blogging all the works in progress I have on the table at the moment, but here is one, just to let you know that I am here. I am spending alot of time in my studio these days and I am so happy to do so. Life stuff is happening. You know the kind…. head hurting, heart-aching, covered by a cloud, weight on my shoulders kind of stuff. But I shall plough through it as is my way…. it feels foggy and blurry, but finding my way through and keeping on creating are my two main goals in life at the moment.

I shall see you on the other side.

x x x

WIP wednesday

WIP wednesday, originally uploaded by gilfling.

It is as hot as a midsummers day here as we are nearing the end of September (seriously?? October already?) and I have spent the day in my studio. It is time now for me to get really focussed on making for all the shows and exhibitions I have coming up. I will be spending as much time as I can being a hermit in my top floor studio – honestly, it is my favourite place to be.