Fragments ……

Fragments Brooch, originally uploaded by gilfling.

It has been an absolutely gorgeous day here today with a blue sky and the sun shining. We took a little trip out to Leicestershire to take my work out to Ferrers Gallery for this exhibition which opens on Saturday. The sun seemed to cast a rosy gold glow over the fields and the leafless leaves were stark against the blue sky.

I finished off three new Fragments Brooches for this exhibition – a birdcage, windmill and sailing ship as well as some characters and dwellings.

Now my thoughts turn to the next exhibition coming up – I am working on some very new beings for this exhibition – I am having a few hiccups with the materials but trial and error will hopefully see me finding some solutions – always an interesting process if a little frustrating. I have a clear picture of what I wish the end result to be but sometimes happy accidents occur and these trials lead to new ideas. We shall see!

WIP wednesday

WIP wednesday, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Well now that I seem to have gotten into the swing of blogging a little more regularly (I didn’t want to highlight this previously incase I ‘jinxed’ it) I am enjoying the process of writing a little something every day.

I like the idea of showing finished work, inspirations, works in progress and the to-ings and fro-ings of my day and it is something that I very much hope to continue with throughout this year – they say it takes 28 days to create a habit – right?

Wednesdays seem just the right day to show a little work in progress – and plus it just sounds right too. So here we are – a little hand dying and hand embroidery. These aren’t my usual fragments of nature brooches but something a little bit different…. I hope to have a completed photo to show you soon.

more fragments of nature

Fragments of nature, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Just a real quickie as I have been photographing and listing all morning and now lunch beckons and then some much needed studio time….

but I just wanted to let you know that I have been listing a few items in each of my etsy shops over the last couple of days with still more to come (listing takes such an age I just cannot bring myself to do the whole lot at once!) – so there are new character sculptures and dwellings here … and new fragments brooches and felted brooches here….

The character sculptures may not stick around there very long though – I owe a couple of galleries some new work ….

I need to blog tomorrow as I am at a great looking event next weekend and am also thinking about having a bit of a clear-out of old work so there may be a ‘summer madness sale’ announcement soon….. I need to make room in my portfolios and my imagination for new work so it will be good to let some older work go and the prices will be ‘madness indeed!’

fragments of nature – wildflowers #1

Hello there! Well it is a wee bit cooler here in the UK, which suits me just fine as a scottish lass who does not cope with the kind of heat we were ‘blessed’ with at the weekend.

I have a day at my part time reminiscence job today but just thought I would show off the new additions to my ‘fragments of nature’ collection – these hand painted brooches of which there are currently two – one circle and one oval. I am really happy with these and feel that I have finally found my way with making accessories that tie in with the rest of my creations. This is a painted design that I have used on my character sculptures too……..see here and here….

I was having a fun conversation with a friend at a craft fair at the weekend and just had one of those revelatory (is that a word!!??) moments where we were bouncing ideas off each other and there were a few ‘light-bulb’ moments where I could really see a clear path for where my work can go and how I can develop my creations further. So exciting and I can’t wait to sketch and make these dreams reality!

Anyway I have a few new brooches listed in my shop which I am pleased to say is looking less and less barren as time goes on – the brooch above will be listed tonight at some point. I have a lovely evening ahead of me with a bunch of lovely girls visiting a flea market and then a session of bunting making for an iminent wedding (not mine – that comes later this year!)

Take care! x

Shop re-opened!

hand embroidered brooch #5, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Hello there! Well the weather is lovely here and I have had a busy week so far with my part time job as reminiscence worker. Now comes the rest of the week to make and create!

I had a wonderful time at the Southwell Minster Spring Craft Fair last saturday and my new ‘Fragments’ brooches were wonderfully received with a few sales and lots of lovely comments.

I have listed the remaining 3 in my etsy shop till the weekend and am currently making more as I will have a stall at Ladybay Arts Trail this coming saturday and sunday so I am hoping for good weather!

It has been a while since I have had some new items in my etsy shop but I am hoping to be adding new items from time to time. Incidentally – does anyone else find it a challenge to balance selling in real life and in galleries with selling on-line? I find it such a struggle to make enough to keep all 3 going but want to challenge myself to do better in the future!

Okay off to more handstitching and a chance to catch up with a some relaxing tv.

Fragments of nature

Fragments of nature – detail, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Well I have been busy creating some new work – finally! I have had the stirrings of these pieces in my mind for what seems like forever and an age and finally got down to creating them. My particular way of creating is that I have a wee notion of an idea and it bumbles around in my thoughts for such a long time, spinning around, developing and growing over a long period of time until I can’t leave it any longer and have to get to making.

It has been apparent to me for a wee while that my character sculptures have developed into a number of themes – nature – both painted and embroidered; oceon – lighthouses/ships/sea monsters; costumes and a sort of miscelaneous collection of birdcages/windmills etc. I have occassionally worked on a collection of remnants inspired by my reminiscence work with older people and now I find myself making these ‘fragments’.

Although I am still very much the early stages of making these pieces, they will be fragments of the themes that occur within my character sculptures and I am very excited about where they will take me. I have many more ideas for them and am hoping to very much make them a focus of my work along with the character sculptures in the coming months. So far we have this wee collection of embroidered brooches and am looking forward to working on the next set of images.

These will be first shown at the Southwell Minster Spring Craft Fair tomorrow which should be fun! You can see more images on my flickr page here.