Bunny proofed fence

Bunny proofed fence, originally uploaded by gilfling.

The sun has barely stopped shining here this weekend and as a pale as milk scottish lass I should stay out of the sun, but the new garden-lover in me cannot say no to spending as much time outside as possible (with a big sunhat and layers of sunscreen of course).

We were on a mission at the weekend and the hot sun meant trials were ahead but when needs must….

Our two bunnies, Jeeves and Wooster have very different characters and Jeeves has taken to trying all manner of escapades in a bid for freedom. However we love the fact that they can lollop freely around our tiny garden (with supervision) but pop into the loo or for a drink and within 10 seconds he can burrow his way out under the fence with Wooster either oblivious or looking on with envy at his brothers bravery. Not so bad if it is just out into the next garden but potentially catastrophic if he made it out to the car park and beyond – we would never see him again…..

So the plan this weekend was to tackle some serious bunnyproofing. Lots of digging, lots of wire clipping and pinning and then putting the dirt and gravel back where it belongs. Not exactly the best task for what I think may have been the hottest weekend of the year so far but absolutely necessary. We are still only a third of the way through but have so far tackled his favourite spots and hope to finish next weekend. So this was our Saturday and Sunday. Busy, tiring and requiring plenty of stops for refreshments and to let the muscles and back ease up. Hard work but so much cheaper than a bought bunny run and they get to lollop about in a larger space which they do love. They are like streaks of lightning when they really run about and love jumping 2 foot into the air in absolute joy – we don’t want to hinder that with a bunny run!

We also made it to the local market – the first time since we have moved here! Why it took us so long I do not know but shopping for fruit and veg in the outdoors beats supermarket rushes hands down. Mark even gifted me with some bedding plants for the garden and it is glorious to sit out there and have some colour along with the bees that are attracted to them. In our brand new house, our garden is also a blank canvas and this can be a little overwhelming at times, especially when I desire instant overgrown wilderness and layers of colour and texture. But little by little we will add a plant at a time and wait for that character and seclusion that I seek in this tiny little space….