Camping trips are good for the soul

2010_0612gfff0229, originally uploaded by gilfling.

oh yes they are….. I think camping is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world. On a limited budget and on a whim, you can go just about anywhere. The last few months have certainly had their ups and downs and what we really needed was some time away. We have had our tent for almost a year now but with said ‘ups and downs’ it has been impossible to sneak in that first camping trip…until now.

Twas my birthday last weekend and Mark and I headed to the Norfolk coast – somewhere new to me but highly recommended by friends. Our tent is huge!!! Certainly not the kind of camping I am used to but entirely necessary given some current health limitations – but now we can go away and not have to worry about those! (Well kind of….) It certainly felt like the luxurious side of camping if there is such a thing.

We have been making the odd wee purchase every so often and now have pretty much everything we need to make camping home from home, with a cooker and all the gubbins to go with it. The weather treated us very well with only some howling winds on the first night – I guess something to be expected in a county with lots of windmills. I feel absolutely in my element – being outdoors, cooking outdoors, sleeping (almost) on the ground, taking time to just sit and dream and escape and spending quality time with Mark – yes I could certainly do that every weekend. It just gives us time to step back and also have much needed time together with no distractions.

I took my sketchbook with the idea of working away in it as much as I could but found myself just happy to sit and absorb my surroundings and take lots of photographs.


(more photos here)