Caris, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Another character shown at the British Craft Trade Fair and now residing (temporarily I hope) at The Edge Gallery in Lancaster.

Caris spends her days painting the meadow flowers whose colours fade in the warm midday sun. She knows that nowhere is more beautiful than the meadows and streams that surround her home in the countryside and is content to rest amongst the sweet smelling grass and smile at the bees and butterflies that fly and flutter from one place to another.

A busy day here today. Although I am catching up on some admin and ticking lots of things off my to do list – I really just want to be painting and creating. I have more characters to get ready for an exhibition at a new-to-me gallery in Scotland so best get busy with those soon!

This is very exciting to me as although I am a scot now living in England (and pining for scotland it has to be said) the Fotheringham Gallery will be my first stockist north of the border. I do take my time with some things ………

I do have some characters currently residing in my studio which are available – I just need to get them photographed and stories written and then shall be showing them here soon!