Tempest, originally uploaded by gilfling.

With the coming of winter, Tempest embarks on her evening walks in earnest. Stormy skies and the silhouettes of petrified trees are a constant fascination as is the ghostly atmosphere that comes with the mist that meanders over the gently sloping fields. Tempest loves roaming the countryside that surrounds her stone built cottage, but always returns to a warm fire and flickering candle-light.

The third character in The Collection in Lincoln


Aspen, originally uploaded by gilfling.


Within the expansive woodlands, which surround Aspen’s little crumbling cottage, lie signs of a previously undiscovered history. Moss covered stones mark an almost hidden boundary between the overgrown garden and a circle of tree stumps with roots, which undulate over and underground as if to form a circle of knots. What may have been there before, no one knows but Aspen sometimes glances outside to see tiny gently dancing circles of light breaking through the twilight mist and imagines that she hears the chattering of a fairy gathering.

Character sculpture currently residing in The Collection, Lincolnshire


Isadora, originally uploaded by gilfling.


Although the windswept moors that encircle the home of Isadora are at first sight bleak and desolate, these are expanses of breathtaking beauty. Huge tempestuous skies, undulating layers of crags and heather in shades of grey-green and mauve all appear to have a melancholy air having endured the austerity of winter. However, as the almost hidden first signs of spring begin to appear, the landscape is ever changing as time goes on.

Available at The Collection in Lincoln

New characters

New characters, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Hello there! Well it seems it may take me a little while to get this new blog all updated with links and sidebar info etc but rather than waiting for that to happen I will just get on with posting in the meantime – so please bear with me!

I have been busy creating a few new characters which were sent off to their new destination and temporary home at The Collection in Lincoln. The Collection is a wonderful museum dedicated to telling the history of Lincolnshire from as early as the stone age and has excellent exhibits – well worth a visit!

My work is part of a temporary display in the show cabinets and as well as the above characters I also have 3 wee dwellings there. It really is wonderful to have the opportunity to have my work shown in a different context in addition to the other exhibitions and galleries where my work can be seen.

I really do have some very exciting opportunities coming up and I will be hard at work creating new pieces – so watch this space!

PS. I will show the characters individually with their stories over the next couple of days.