One week to go….


Well the countdown begins… Exactly one week tomorrow I will be leaving the house at 3.45 am (oh gosh!!!) and making my way to the airport to begin my journey to Eunique in Karlsruhe, Germany.

At the moment I feel so nervous, worried that I will not get everything done but there is nothing else for it but to keep plodding on as is my way. My flights and accommodation are booked, display furniture ordered, the huge crate I am sharing with 5 other exhibitors is packed and ready to ship tomorrow to be there ready and waiting for us.

Now all there is to do is to keep making, as these little characters take so long to create. There will not be as many as I had first hoped but I will try and not worry about that – I always aim for quality rather than quantity and each one is a labour of love. I just hope they are well received in a country steeped in storytelling and fairy tales.

So many exciting things are happening for me right now but there are stressful and worrying things too – such is the see-saw of life. I am just trying to live every moment and enjoy what I can and keep my worries under control. I am a work in progress just like these characters you see above 🙂

X x x

Shop Update!

Tilly, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Well it has been forever and an age since I updated my etsy shop but I have just added 3 characters to my listings. Although they are not ‘new’ as in just made they are very special and unique! You can see their stories and details here , here and here and my etsy shop here.

Now I am off to sew more character dolls as I have a long list of things to make!

PS – I am soon to be exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair (which I am so excited about and ever so nervous!) – but whilst making my detailed list of things to do I thought it might be quite an interesting thing to blog about – the trials and tribulations of preparing for my very first trade fair – what do you think?