Show me the Monet…part 2

So to continue the story from part 1…

Story so far… I applied and then tried to forget about it, certain that I would not make it through the first cut.

Then the phone call came that I had made it through the first cut of artists – from 3,000 to 300 I think? (although that could be wrong) I first of all had a telephone interview where they asked lots of questions about how I came to be painting, how far along I was in my career, my part time job (I work as a reminscence worker with older people a couple of days a week) and just life in general. So far so good. They would then be cutting the numbers down again before inviting the remaining possible artists down to London to be filmed on camera with the production company just to make sure we could string a sentence together I suppose without freezing through nerves. The phonecall came that I was to go down to London and at this point I was really starting to wonder if I had done the right thing in applying….after all I wasn’t supposed to make it this far!

So I get through the production interview (my first ever time being filmed) and then hear the news I had been dreading hoping for…… I had made it through to the final stage of being put before the hanging committee (I think around 130’ish artists were filmed for the show?) and I was asked to attend one of the judging days at Eltham Palace in London with my artwork!! What on earth had I let myself in for?