A Moment in Time – Art Workshop 2014

A week-long creative art workshop in the small fishing village of Gardenstown, Banff, Aberdeenshire, led by mixed media artist

Gillian Lee Smith

Dates: 18th October to 25th October 2014

Cost – £625 to include tutoring, 6/7 nights accommodation, basic materials, light breakfast and light lunch – more details to follow.

Gathered at the shore

Course Description

Imagine… a weeklong creative retreat in a peaceful hideaway on the East Coast of Scotland. Stunning views, walks on the beach, time to learn, time to relax, time to create to your heart’s content. Days spent exploring the area and working in a bright and airy studio with spectacular views and then evenings by the fireside in the company of other students.

During this week-long workshop you will …

…discover and be inspired by the beautiful local scenery, sea and sky and the quaint fishing village of Gardenstown

… spend time taking photographs and sketching outside

… learn expressive portrait making working from a model (to be confirmed)

… learn ways of placing a figure in a setting to bring narrative and storytelling into your work

… learn to paint with pastels, mixed media and paint

… work on extending your mark making techniques to create exciting atmosphere and variation in your work

… use pastels, collage, image transfers and paint to create expressive pieces with character and emotion

… in the first 3 days work on creating many drawings and sketches from which to create one or more finished pieces of work in the last 2 days of the class

The mornings will be spent learning new techniques and will feature several demonstrations and ways of working. The afternoons will be spent working in your own time to develop your drawing and sketching with the support of Gillian.


Course Leader

Gillian Lee Smith is an experienced artist and workshop leader who creates work that is imbued with atmosphere, storytelling and emotion. Layers of narrative, layers of paint, memories and dreams inspired by history and tales of times gone by. A Scottish Lass now living in the heart of England this is a dream come true, to teach a week-long creative workshop in her home country.

Gillian is currently working on a collection of paintings for ‘We all Cast Shadows’ a solo exhibition in Yorkshire and this workshop will be inspired by similar tales of communities of women bound together by uncertain times and stories that move the soul. Whilst this is the basis for the workshop, the aim of the course is to be inspired by the scenery, local stories and history and your own experiences in order to create work that is unique to you.

Gillian Lee Smith

Further Information

Accommodation and catering information is all here.

One thought on “A Moment in Time – Art Workshop 2014

  1. Hi Gillian, I have just come across your Artwork and Blog. Your work is exquisite and inspiring.
    The Art workshop sounds terrific. I shall place it on my wish list. It’s a long way from Australia but who knows.
    Regards Robyn

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